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Andy Rutledge

Writing:I had much to say…

March 3, 2013 | By Andy Rutledge

…on the topics of design and professionalism. I said it. I said it in some 150-ish articles and 57 live-webcast video shows. I’m done.

I'm still very much concerned with these things, though. While I could and probably will speak and repeat myself, written repetition is boring. I wrote all I believe needs to be written on the subject. If anything remains, it can be found only in direct conversation.

Design Pro homepage
Design Pro home page

One of the sad (for me) consequences of no longer writing about design professionalism is that one of my pet projects is now largely defunct. Design Pro was the culmination of my efforts to share specifics of design professionalism and interact with designers working hard to adopt and incorporate professionalism in their own work. It was an exciting project for me and for the great folks at my studio and I’m quite sad to see most of it end (hey, Design Pro Lunch is still a thing!).

Design Pro as a subscription publication is done and now after what I think has been an appropriate measure of time, I’ve just opened up the articles and video show archives to be free to anyone. Since I have not stopped caring about design professionalism (this is still my profession), I sincerely hope that designers will continue to read the articles, watch the shows, and take it all to heart.

When the team and I started Design Pro, we had the generous help and endorsement of some wonderful folks; skilled design professionals all. I’d like to publicly thank Stephen Boudreau, Daniel Sellers, Kyle Steed, Jason VanLue, Sean McCabe, David Airey, Matt Riopelle, and Jason Robb for lending their voice, support, and effort to Design Pro. I’m sincerely grateful for their kind contributions to my project and their friendship over the years.

So now and for the foreseeable future, Design Pro is just a static archive. This is not to say that Design Pro can’t evolve and gain different life in a different direction. As of now, though, I couldn’t say what that would be. And it would take the efforts of other learned professionals and writers. I’m happy to administer things; I just can no longer contribute.

So long.

Thank you for following my writing. I hope you found that it somehow mattered. I hope it made a positive difference in your life and practice or at least entertained. I hope that it inspired more thought and more questions. My articles were deliberately exclusionary. I can think of few things as sickening and useless as trying to write for everyone. If you stuck around you were part of the limited and specific audience for which I wrote.

I care about your practice and your thinking. I care deeply about you and I think about you on a daily basis: every one of you who cares about standards and excellence and about professionalism, and who believes there must be a better way to go about practicing your craft commercially. I pray you will not compromise, but instead that you maintain your integrity to the benefit of your life and the lives of everyone you come into contact with. This is what the world needs from you.

Thanks for your interest, time, and attention. I very much enjoyed writing for you.

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