Andy Rutledge

Liberty and Tyranny:The Leftist Concept of Law and the Destruction of Society

August 1, 2016 | By Andy Rutledge

In free society law is a guide and not a hammer. In fact the only moral purpose of law is to define boundaries and prescribe sanctions…all in an effort to preserve and defend individual liberty: a concept leftists cannot fathom. Everything in the name of law beyond this finite purpose of law is an attack on liberty and a destruction of moral society.

The reason leftists’ influence on society always produces misery is that they have contempt for liberty and an evil concept of law. Leftists wrongly believe that the purpose of law is to bring people to heel; to control them; to define the context of peoples’ lives. As such, the leftist concept of law is rooted in evil. The left’s every articulation of law is tyranny; their every attempt at governance a manifestation of evil.

So when a leftist sees murder in society, the fact that murder is already illegal is, to him, a mandate for force and control. In such cases, the leftist looks for “legal” justification of his desire to control people AND for means to prevent and punish resistance. This last component is necessary and an automatic desire of leftists because they know that otherwise-free men will chafe at the destruction of their liberty. And leftists know of no articulation of law that does not destroy individual liberty.

So what starts ostensibly as an attempt to bolster law is co-opted and individual liberty subjugated to the instinctual leftist desire for control over others (despite the fact that law needs no active, preemptive bolster). Therefore, we get #gunsense and other tyrannical violations of civil rights in the name of “safety” and "doing something," but which only ever create tyranny. Leftists are warmed by this result because it’s all part of the plan.

In a free and moral society, lawbreakers are caught, prosecuted, and punished. In a leftist society, all citizens are punished. In a free and moral society, behaviors/acts are outlawed (e.g. theft, murder, vandalism, etc.). In a leftist society, motivations, thoughts, and tools are outlawed (e.g. “hate crime,” “sensible gun control,” etc.). Therefore, leftists don’t care about daily murders in leftist-controlled cities like Chicago because their laws created & cultivate that hell. There is no control-derived profit in dwelling on or drawing attention to the results of leftist policies and tyranny. Instead, leftists use murder—and every legal transgression—as justification for forging law into shackles and bludgeons to destroy liberty & lives until they achieve total control. For control is the sole purpose of leftists’ every social effort.

Ultimately, the leftist ideal of our Constitution’s influence on society is that rights shall not be infringed…unless 1) someone could break the law, 2) someone possesses the means to really badly break the law, or 3) someone might have hate in his heart while breaking the law. In which case, any control and bar on human activity and any contravention of the (“antiquated,” “obsolete,” and “short-sighted”) Constitution is justified in accordance with the leftist’s morality of evil, shared misery, and total domination.

This evil-rooted concept of law translates into a malevolent concept of society, rights, and liberty. According to leftists’ evil ideology, in order for some to have rights, others’ rights must be destroyed; in order for some to gain wealth, others’ wealth must be destroyed; in order for some to have more, others must be made to have less (of anything/everything). None of this is true.

So in a moral, healthy society prosperity and resources are created by free human activity. In a leftist society, prosperity is shameful and wrong, and since human activity is constrained resources are finite and must be distributed by those in power. Under this leftist concept of society, citizens learn that effort is bad and a dole is good; that prosperity is evidence of sin and shared misery and dependence upon government is the only possible outcome of a life well lived (for the group).

Leftists have met no society they’ve not tried to destroy nor any liberty they would not infringe upon. Consider these historically documented facts when going to the polls this fall. Your liberty and our entire society are at stake.