I would like to express my thanks to the following groups and individuals:

To my bonsai teachers, Nick Lenz and Kenji Miyata, for their uncompromising standards, excellent examples, ongoing guidance and indulgence — and the occasional beer.

To my friends in the Bonsai Society of Dallas for their continuous efforts at furthering bonsai education and enthusiasm - since the mid 1960’s. I am fortunate to be a come-lately member of your community.

To Wayne Schoech at Stone Lantern Publishing who has given all kinds of support and indulgence to me and to this project.

To my many friends around the world who lent their assistance to this project with their photographs, including Carl Bergstrom, Klaus Buddig, Kurt Gagel, Boon Manakitivipart, Elize-Marie Mann, Mike Martino, Wolfgang Putz, John Romano, Howard and Sylvia Smith and Suthin Sukosolvisit.

To the administrators and members of two of the most valuable resources and healthiest communities for bonsai on the web - The Internet Bonsai Club and the BonsaiTalk forum.

Special thanks to Carl Bergstrom, Chris Cochrane, Nick Lenz, Jerry Meislik and Walte Pall, who took the time to read drafts of this project and then share their advice and insights.

Those listed above did what they could; responsibility for any mistakes or inaccuracies in this text is mine alone.

- Andy Rutledge