The Challenge

Present a clear and visually interesting introduction to capitalism, then invite visitors to evaluate their understanding.

Capitalism is continually demagogued and the resulting caricature is continually maligned to the point that too few people have even the slightest grasp of what it actually is. I wanted to create a concise but informative mini-site that could present a clear description of capitalism while debunking some of the many myths. I also thought that a short and simple quiz at the end could lend further scope to the lesson and give visitors some links for further study.

My Work:
  • Concept and content creation
  • Content architecture
  • Quiz creation and interactive model
  • Markup & CSS
Capitalism Is screenshot
Capitalism Is screenshot
The Content Design

Introduce fundamental characteristics of capitalism and then lend some scope and context to each.

Since my purpose was to expose many of the different-yet-connected facets of capitalism, I chose a many-colored approach, assigning a color to each of the characteristics. I supported each idea with background vector graphics—with a bit of parallax for visual interest—to better send the message home. I chose to hide the details in order to invite interaction from visitors.

Capitalism Is screenshot


The Quiz

Challenge visitors’ understanding of capitalism with a short quiz, generating interest for further research (one hopes).

I devised a quiz that presented normal, everyday situations to challenge visitors’ understanding. Upon an answer, the choice is graded as either correct or incorrect with an explanation why. At the end, depending on their score, each visitor is presented with an evaluation of their understanding and recommendations for further study.

I designed the interaction model and then my colleague R.A. Ray created the javascript mechanisms that made it all work.

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Capitalism Is screenshot

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