The Challenge

Re-imagine the website to better suit the ministry’s character, along with its revamped name & visual identity.

Pastor and author Skip Heitzig ministers to over 15,000 people as senior pastor of Calvary Albuquerque and he reaches out to thousands across the nation and throughout the world through his radio program, but his website didn't reflect the quality of his message. What's more, they were changing the website's name and URL with a new logo to match.

My Work:
  • Discovery process planning and exectution
  • Site structure / IA re-evaluation
  • Site / content redesign
  • Content / product cross-promotion UX strategy
  • Markup & CSS
Connect with Skip Heitzig screenshot
Connect with Skip Heitzig screenshot
The Content Design

Create a design that directly reflects and addresses the ministry's aims.

The ministry’s name change was from merely “Skip Heitzig” to “Connect with Skip Heitzig.” It was the connection that they were most interested in making so they wanted Skip’s visage to play a prominent role in the visual design. I created a content architecture that could utilize photos of him as both atmosphere and content, allowing the message to be perceived more strongly as coming directly from Skip.

Connect with Skip Heitzig screenshot

The ministry had the right content and the right resources, they just needed a practiced hand to integrate it all under an effective design and content strategy.

The Reading Experience

Turn a cluttered, distracting content presentation into a focused experience.

In addition to the radio and TV broadcast content, a primary content feature is the daily devotional, which they call Devomail. Where before the textual content was always in competition with a sidebar full of cross promotions and calls to action, I designed for an undistracted reading experience so that Pastor Skip’s message could better reach the readers.

That undistracted reading experience is followed by invitations to delve deeper into the ministry with recommended content offerings, sealed with a full-screen image of the author of the devotional message.

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Connect with Skip Heitzig screenshot

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