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I met Caleb Rainey when I started visiting his father’s gun range a few years ago. I remember that though quite young he was very polite and articulate when talking with customers there at the range…


Village Praxis: Why Glock? Insights From 170k Glock Rounds, Part 1

For the past handful of years, I’ve been training with my Glock pistols several days every week, firing up to 40,000 rounds a year through Glock pistols alone…

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Glock 19 Parts Replacement

According to the round count, it’s time to replace six (6!) parts on my EDC G19. All but one I’ve replaced one or more times already on this pistol, but this’ll be the first replacement of…


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I am a UX designer for web applications and publication websites
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I created The Academy of Design Professionals and composed and edited the Code of Professional Conduct as a moral alternative to other organizations' codes of conduct.

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